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HD DVD and Blu-ray released on October 31th 2006

Ben Drawbaugh

In the eve of what many are calling the true start of the format war the two camps continue to pace themselves in preparation of the big holiday buying push. Sure MI:3 hit the street this week which is arguably the biggest blockbuster released to date on either format, but the real fun begins on November 14th. In the meantime while we wait for King Kong and Fantastic Four, we will have to be content with V for Vendetta and one of our personal favorites Unforgiven. The number of titles will remain the same for the time being proving that the BDA support hasn't helped them very much, at least not yet, only time will tell if it truly does lead them to victory. Meanwhile HD DVD fans are waiting for the 360 add on and everyone is waiting for the PS3, well almost everyone.

This brings the total to HD DVD 100 vs Blu-ray 80.



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