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Black Friday promises deals on HDTVs, riots likely

Darren Murph

Ah, Black Friday. Two incredibly delightful sounding words in the ears of bargain hunters everywhere, and this year's episode promises to emphasize HDTVs more than ever. With the big day looming, certain retailers have already disclosed attractive pricing on LCD and plasma sets, including the magical "$999" price point for 42-inch displays (albeit probably ED). Best Buy is hoping that the increase in volume will lead to increased demand for in-home installations, and with a new wave of gaming consoles hitting the market just a week earlier, HDTV sales could see a huge boost from gamers looking to take advantage of that 720p/1080i/1080p bliss. LCDs seem to be the biggest draw this year, as plasma pricing has hit a bit of a wall, while LCD technology continues to get cheaper. Marketing analysts have also predicted that consumers may see the stellar one-day deals as good reason to upgrade their old sets in order to take advantage of Blu-ray / HD DVD technology, and have also noted that this year is likely the "last hurrah" for EDTV sets. Regardless, getting your hands on any of the hotter deals will likely be a chore, and if you're not exactly keen with lining up outside a retailer's door at 3:00AM, just hold tight for that soon-to-come Cyber Monday, cool?

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