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CompUSA offering PS3s with Sony HDTV purchases

Darren Murph

We know it's been a rough couple of nights for you folks who didn't get your pre-order on (or got the shaft, even so) trying to hunt down a Playstation 3 without becoming the hunted, but there's an off chance that CompUSA may still be able to save your sanity. If 48 (or more) hours of sleeplessness has you ready to drop an inconceivable amount of cash to secure your machine through eBay, hold tight. Certain CompUSA locations will be bundling Playstation 3 units with any Sony HDTV purchase of 40-inches or larger, which could be fabulous news if you were planning on picking up a svelte new set (or dropping $2,000 in some entrepreneur's pocket) anyway. Currently, the lowest priced display compatible with the offer is Sony's $1,999 KDL-40S2010, which means that you'd be ponying up nearly $2,500 for the 20GB PS3 kit, or $2,600 for the 60GB package. Representatives have stated that some stores are "devoting their entire PS3 allocation" to the offer, which isn't exactly surprising considering last year's Xbox 360 bundle fiascoes. Regardless, for gamers looking to go all out, this may not be such an awful idea (especially if they end up including Wiis), but we're not sure if this offer will last past the (admittedly scant) first wave of shipments -- but hey, it sure beats getting shot up or beat down while squandering vacation days, right?

[Via GameSpot]

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