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Aigo's P706 photo and video viewer for photographers


Looking every bit the competitor to Epson's P-5000 or Canon's M80 portable storage solutions for photogs, is this, Aigo's UH-P706. Instead of maxing out at 80GB like the others, Aigo slams up to 160GB of disk in their version of the video / picture viewer. They do however, skimp on the screen a bit at just 3.6-inches and 16 millions colors but then make a mends with support for RAW and TIFF, AVI and MPEG4, and slots for SD, MMC, Memory Stick, and CF card formats. Oddly, no audio codecs are listed in the press release, not even the ubiquitous MP3. For the moment, these are only available in Aigo's home country of China for about 9,977 Chinese yuan or a whopping $1,248.

[Via c|net Asia, thanks Imish]

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