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RWC's neoTune: here thief, have a nano


Yeah, we know what you've been thinking: "now that I've got my 2nd gen iPod nano, how can I strap it to my bigazz head as a beacon for theft?" In from stage-left, steps Japan's RWC with their neoTUNE. By shrinking the cans from the mTUNE-N, they've certainly taken out the bulk. However, they've left in plenty of freak by making something as miniscule as the nano now appear freakin' ginormous. Tip: save the ¥4,980/$43 (plus replacement nano cost) and clip an iPod shuffle onto the cans you probably already own. At the very least, you'll be spared a geek pummeling and might even get a date... ok, probably not.

[Via Impress]

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