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Time Warner expects download-to-burn movies to hit in '07


Good news, folks: Time Warner (disclosure: our parent company's parent company is owned by Time Warner) is facing a future of "download-to-burn" DVD movies with grim determination, and expects said apocalypse to occur sometime in 2007. Sure, a few services have started offering a some movies here and there, most of which have been late, overpriced and plagued with problems, but it sounds like Time Warner is getting ready to do this thing for reals next year, with that fancy new Wal-Mart download service as a potential partner in such doings. Of course, pioneers like Movielink and CinemaNow can't be really blamed for their failures: most of the problems arose from studios like Time Warner practically forbidding them to provide a decent user experience to those potential criminals customers of theirs. The new word is from none other than Richard Parsons, the chief exec and chairman of Time Warner, who says "I expect we will be in a download-to-burn mode in 2007 -- It will be a part of next year's offerings." We'll be waiting to see how well Time Warner fulfills that promise.

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