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Elecom's 8GB SDHC card is class-4, too


Joining Toshiba at the top of the SDHC capacity/speed game is Elecom with this, the world's second class-4, 8GB SDHC card. Not class-2 son, oh no, this is class-4 so we're talking a 4MB/s minimum write speed. Elecom claims you'll see a max transfer rate of 7MB/s when these launch (before Toshiba?) in the first part of January. Fine, but what interests us more is the price: about ¥39,800 or $343. See Toshiba, it's not all that hard to provide a price now is it? Now get moving, pressures on to beat Elecom if you want to live up to your "world's first" claim.

[Via Impress]

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