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iLuv's iss277 alarm dock for Samsung Yepps: yup, Yepps


iLuv is getting promiscuous with their affections this morning with an iLuv Stereo alarm dock for Samsung Yepp audio devices -- one of, if not the first third-party accessory for Yepps with more on the way according to iLuv's CEO. The Yepp T9B (pictured) is Sammy's FCC approved Bluetooth MP3 player; a good choice for display since the iLuv iss277 also features a "Bluepin" Bluetooth dongle to stream audio from the T9 and presumably any Bluetooth enabled device. Otherwise, we're looking at what appears to be pretty much the same "made for iPod" i177 which already played music from any DAP through a line-in jack. However, by connecting through the dock, the Yepp can be charged and integrated into the sleep and wake functions of the alarm clock and controlled via the remote. While it's a bit early to call it a trend, any move towards a universal device dock like that announced by Altec Lansing is certainly a refreshing change. However, here's a hint for iLuv and others: make the DAP icon (pictured after the break) a bit less iPod'ish next time if you want to keep the peace with your partners. Available in February for 189,000 Korean Won or about $204 when these arrive closer to home.

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