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Wisconsin / NIU players huddle up, steal an Xbox

Darren Murph

As if breaking into a home, jacking a mysterious PlayStation console, only to return for the power cord used to hold victims captive with wasn't zany enough, now we've got a Big Ten all-star (and his twin brother) reportedly swiping an Xbox. While nothing's been "confirmed," Wisconsin cornerback Jack Ikegwuonu and Northern Illinois safety William Ikegwuonu have been accused of "breaking into an off-campus apartment and trying to steal an Xbox console." Both players now face burglary and criminal trespassing charges, and if convicted, will probably not face the maximum "four years in prison" penalty. Interestingly, Wisconsin is refusing to suspend their guy until "all the facts are gathered," presumably hoping to squeak him in the lineup for the team's January bowl, while NIU has already dropped the axe on ole William, who didn't start a single game all season. But hey, at least he can simulate the team's Poinsettia Bowl matchup on a (rightfully purchased) Xbox, right?

UPDATE: Looks like U-Dub did the right thing and temporarily suspended Jack from practice and bowl competition, however their athletic director did not that this decision could change "as more facts become available." We shall see.

[Thanks, Eric]

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