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PDC's Guide Dog does GPS, gaming, and parking?

Darren Murph

There's practical, there's incredible, and then there's sensational. PDC's Guide Dog looks to be a strong contender for the latter, as the all-in-one gizmo has a bit too much going for it to be believable. Nevertheless, this sleek, flashy portable supposedly functions primarily as a GPS device, boasting a four-inch touchscreen, "built-in antenna," and Windows CE behind the scenes. When not pulling you around, this puppy doubles as a "2D / 3D gaming machine," and also plays back MP3s, MP4 video files, and various other forms of "media." As if this weren't pushing things already, it purportedly packs a WiFi adapter for internet browsing, an "IP phone," DVB-T tuner, Bluetooth, GPRS, UART, and even acts as a "parking sensor," presumably requiring you to duct tape it on your bumper for best results. To keep your media on hand, it supports MMC, MMCplus, SD, and PDC's "own proprietary format" (or is it?), PSd. While this thing would cause some serious shakeup in the handheld navigation world if it all panned out, we're taking this yet-to-be-priced, and currently unavailable device with a few throws of salt for now.

[Via NaviGadget]

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