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NextoDI's NextoCF Ultra ND2525: "world's fastest" storage device for photogs


If you've been looking for an ultra-fast personal storage device to offload your DSLR images on the quick then check it photog, NextoDI has the device for you. The Nexto CF Ultra ND2525 is capable of a sustained 20MB/sec backup from Compact Flash cards hitting a max speed of 32MB/sec. That's more than 1GB of data per minute off the fastest CF cards. There's even a bit-by-bit verification implemented at the hardware level; that feature, however, will double your transfer times -- a sacrifice many professionals will happily trade for added peace of mind. The device then hooks up to your PC or Mac via USB 2.0 or Firewire for any required post-processing. The internal Li-Poly battery is capable of transferring up to 40GB (about 42 minutes) before giving up the ghost, and can be recharged in about 3-hours off the mains or 4.5-hours over USB -- an external 70GB capable battery is also available. Ok, it doesn't feature a display like the PSDs from Canon, Epson, and others, but how important is that sub-4-inch display if you're toting a laptop anyway? The ND2525 only has a single CF slot which can be augmented with a 17-to-1 CF adapter. It's apparently already loosed in Korea for 198,000KRW ($213) in a BYOD (bring your own disk) chassis or in 395,000KRW ($425) config with a 160GB disk baked in. Given our druthers, we'd bung the fastest 7200rpm PATA (not SATA, unfortunately) disk into the empty chassis for max performance, but that's us... and we're afraid of robots.


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