HP leaves DLP out of 2007 CES lineup

HP has revealed some of its display plans for this year's CES, and the biggest surprise isn't what the company is showing, but what it's not. Crave has a list of TVs to be displayed, and it conspicuously lacks HP's award winningwobulatingDLP HDTVs, which were being shown as recently as last year. According to the posting, HP is no longer manufacturing the sets, and what is on store shelves now is the last of them. While DLP might no longer have a future with HP, there's still a full slate of flat panel TVs planned for next week's event, highlighted by two 1080p MediaSmart LCDs (the 42-inch SL4278N and 47-inch SL4778N) with WiFi-enabled Windows Media Connect for streaming media directly to the HDTV. For those not into any newfangled wireless streaming, the LC4276N and LC4776N bring the 1080p sans MediaSmart, along with three new 720p (they still make those?) models in 32-, 37- and 42-inch sizes. Two plasma TVs of unspecified resolution and parentage (42-inch HP PL4272N and 50-inch HP PL5072N) will also make an appearance.