Whirlpool unveils LCD-equipped centralpark Connection refrigerator

We already you know like to host parties at your pad rather than skirting out to a nearby club, but what good is a Party Dishwasher without a LCD-equipped refrigerator beside it? Enter Whirlpool's centralpark Connection, which boasts an "interchangeable interface (built-in LCD shown) that allows you to plug in an MP3 player, cellphone, digital photo album or a DVD / CD player" to keep your kitchen guests entertained. Aside from all the party luxuries, it also boasts an obligatory brushed aluminum finish, automatic ice / water dispenser, and a vertical freezer compartment. Notably, Whirlpool also states that this unit can keep family members in touch with "an interactive message board, web tablet, or family calendar," yet doesn't give us the slightest clue about how these nifty features are actually pulled off. Nevertheless, for folks looking to add a dash of excitement to an otherwise mundane kitchen mainstay can check out the centralpark Connection when it lands in limited quantites this Fall (mass rollout next Spring), but for now, click on through for a closeup.

[Via BornRich]