LG's dual screen, HDTV-equipped refrigerator

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Donald Melanson
November 3, 2006 7:59 PM
LG's dual screen, HDTV-equipped refrigerator
LG's upping the LCD equation in its gadget-happy refrigerators once again, with its latest model, the LSC27990TT, sporting dual displays so you won't have to forgo a minute of your compulsive TV viewing to check the weather. The main display is a 15-inch 1,024 x 768 number -- able to connect to a DVD player if you choose -- while its smaller counterpart takes things down to a wee 4-inches for use with LG's "weather and info center." Other non-traditional refrigerating capabilities include an FM radio, recipe bank, calendar, and digital photo album, as well as a "CustomCube" ice maker -- though we're guessing there's probably a strict limit to its customization (meaning we'll have to keep carving out our Engadget "e" ice cubes by hand). While the folks at Electronic House are sayin' that this $3,600 appliance won't be available until next year, it looks like there's plenty of retailers listing it as in stock.

[Via CE Pro]
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