Electrolux Cyber fridge and "WoW" appliances

It seems the new Cyber fridge from Electrolux is a concession to the true purpose of this kind of PC-excess: bragging rights. Sure, it's fun to say that you can surf the Internet from a touchscreen computer built into your refrigerator, but who really has time for that? That's why Electrolux was kind enough to slap the display in the most awkward place imaginable, so you're not even tempted to check your email or look up a recipe on the thing. Another example of the incredible practicality that Electrolux builds into all of their appliances can be viewed after the break. Their "War on White" (WoW) set of washer, dryer and refrigerator manages to look sexy in spite of a totally random and prominently featured silhouette of a random lady wearing a hat. True design genius.

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