ACCESS Linux Platform on display at 3GSM

As promised, ACCESS has rolled into Barcelona to let its long-awaited ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) loose on the teeming masses at this week's big 3GSM conference, also taking the opportunity to introduce version 1.0 of its Product Development Kit and a pre-release version of the equally important Software Development Kit. As evidenced by the shot above, the OS is also looking a fair bit more polished than it was in the lastfew screens of it we've seen, with those in attendance at the conference also able to test out its all-important Bejewled and Solitaire capabilities (sadly, Doom doesn't seem to have been ported just yet). On the hardware side of things, both Marvell and Texas Instruments have hooked up with ACCESS to show off how their respective wares work with the OS, with both not surprisingly touting high performance and low power consumption. While that lone pic above will have to do for now, we're working to sneak in a few more peeks of the OS in action before 3GSM wraps up and we'll bring 'em to you when we've got them.