RED Digital Cinema planning pocket cam, 4K projector and displays

Evan Blass
E. Blass|04.16.07

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RED Digital Cinema planning pocket cam, 4K projector and displays
NAB is one of the few times during the year that A/V geeks can pull themselves away from their editing bays, adjust their eyes to the light, and really get down with the latest equipment -- so it should be no surprise that RED Digital Cinema is using the event to leak its plans for some tantalizing new gear. We're all quite familiar with the $17,500 RED-ONE 4K base system and its ecosystem of accessories, and now it looks like the company is prepping products for post-production as well, with self-proclaimed "RED Savant" Steve Gibby reporting that a 4K projector and entire lineup of 4K displays are on the way. Even more exciting -- at least for the average consumer or prosumer -- is a promised "professional pocket camera" being described as a "mini-RED," and though we doubt you'll see these for sale at Best Buy, we're still pretty stoked to see what kind of offer they're going to make us here. And if they do already have a prototype of this one, you can bet it's under extra tight lock and key.
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