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Wrapup of D day, plus bonus top nicknames for the Palm Foleo

Wrapup of D day, plus bonus top nicknames for the Palm Foleo
Ryan Block
Ryan Block|May 31, 2007 9:23 AM

It was a long day at WSJ's D down in San Diego, but there was plenty to see. Check out our coverage roundup below.

Live coverage
Steve Jobs and Bill Gates: Historic discussion live from D 2007
Steve Jobs live from D 2007
Steve Ballmer live from D 2007
Palm's Jeff Hawkins live from D 2007

iPhone to get third party apps
Apple TV gets 160GB disk... and YouTube too
iTunes Plus and EMI's DRM-free music hands-on
iTunes Plus DRM-free music now official(er)

Microsoft Surface - surface and gesture based computing lands
Microsoft Surface hands-on

Palm Foleo hands-on
Palm Foleo gallery
Palm Foleo announced

Livescribe shows off Leapfrog Fly-esque pen computer for grown-ups
QiGO announces Internet Content Keys

Also, you reminded us that you're a hell of a clever lot that not seemed to think we were justified in totally panning Palm's new Foleo. So here are some of the top nicknames we've heard it given:
  1. Foolio (totally our favorite, by Jeff)
  2. Folly-o (by derF)
  3. The Palm Shark Jumper (by Brian)
Feel free to leave some more in comments!