Pressure mounting on Universal to support Blu-ray?

Updated ·1 min read

With the way things are going, it's not too shocking that these same rumors have once again found new life. As Blu-ray looks to widen its lead in the disc sales race, analysts are beginning to wonder if Universal is indeed on the verge of finally supporting Blu-ray, despite direct reports that counter such an idea. The Envisioneering Group's Richard Doherty has been quoted as saying that the format war could come to an abrupt end if Universal, "the only major player not supporting Blu-ray, were to suddenly adopt the same dual-format approach as Warner and Paramount." Of course, Universal has made sure not to release any information that would prove these hunches correct, and let us not forget that Mr. Doherty has been known to spit out less-than-believable lines before. Still, only time will tell if Universal will indeed make the switch, but we've got a feeling it'll wait things out a bit longer before taking the plunge (or not).