NBC's Jay Leno claims Blu-ray is "above HD"

Darren Murph
D. Murph|07.25.07

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NBC's Jay Leno claims Blu-ray is "above HD"
Well, now isn't this an interesting predicament. Jay Leno, who no doubt garners quite a few viewers on his NBC late night talk show, was casually conversing with Sandra Bullock about the film Premonition, and while fielding questions from Mrs. Bullock about the nature of Blu-ray vs. DVD, Leno actually blurted out that BD was "like, above HD." Granted, we're sure he was simply trying to prove a point to someone who had already admitted her ignorance towards the format, but it is quite ironic that Leno's network is the main player still refusing to support the aforementioned high-definition format. C'mon Universal, even The Chin recognizes that Blu-ray has its benefits.
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