Europe plotting continent-wide satellite license, DVB-SH likely

Chris Ziegler
C. Ziegler|08.23.07

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Europe plotting continent-wide satellite license, DVB-SH likely
The European Union has a habit of liking to get all of its children on the same page when it comes to mobile technology -- think GSM, for example -- so it comes as no big surprise that a new EU proposal looks to put mobile satellite services under its own control and not that of member countries. For service providers, this likely comes as a relief since it means they won't need to visit licensing commissions of 27 individual nations, though that also means it'll be a far more expensive proposition to get licensed. The EU, which hopes to push the proposal through its parliament and members' telecom bosses next year, would then choose one or more providers by 2009 -- just in time for the scheduled launch of a satellite bearing DVB-SH broadcasting capability, coincidentally. Backed by Alcatel Lucent, DVB-SH uses satellites as its primary means of reception with terrestrial repeaters augmenting the signal, making it a great way to blanket all of Europe in glorious mobile TV without the need to roll out DVB-H transmitters everywhere. With a strong backing of DVB-H in its rear-view mirror, it seems like a virtual lock that the SH variant is exactly what the EU has in mind here.

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