IBM files patent app for non-skippable DVD advertisements

Darren Murph
D. Murph|11.29.07

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IBM files patent app for non-skippable DVD advertisements
While we've seen a slew of patent applications revolving around DVR-based ad skipping, IBM is apparently looking to get in on the action with DVDs that feature non-skippable advertisements. As David Freeberg noted, we too are pretty surprised that such an idea isn't already patented, but nevertheless, the theory in and of itself is a double-edged sword. At first glance, hearing that we'd be forced to watch plugs -- which could be stored on the DVD itself or retrieved via the internet -- on our flicks doesn't exactly incite fits of jubilation, but as Freeberg points out, this could be used to offset or at least subsidize the actual cost of DVDs. Additionally, we could envision marketers licking their chops at the chance to insert modern, relevant ads into films via the web, but the actual impact on the consumer still seems murky. 'Course, there's no telling whether or not this patent will be granted, but it opens up some interesting avenues, nonetheless.

[Via ZatzNotFunny]
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