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    HP's 30-inch LP3065 LCD monitor gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    Although the average consumer isn't likely to be in dire need of 2,560 x 1,600 pixels on their monitor, the competition is still very alive in the expansive LCD market, and while Dell, Quixun, Samsung, and Apple all have highly-regarded units of their own, it's about time HP's LP3065 hit the test bench itself. Touted as "late, but great," HP's rendition of the 30-inch monitor managed to top the 3007WFP in "brightness, contrast ratio, and color uniformity tests," though it was noted that results were still below expectations. ExtremeTech found the screen "easy on the eyes" and very tweakable using NVIDIA's control panel via their GeForce 8800 GTX; furthermore, Photoshop editing, DVD viewing, and handling basic, mundane office tasks all provided "results that were nothing short of spectacular." Overall, the LP3065 provided a "wider color gamut," a trio of HDCP-compliant dual-link DVI ports, and "gorgeous image quality," which may or may not be worth the extra $400 over Dell's basic 30-incher to you -- and while it received an "8 out of 10" rating as well as a coveted "Approved" label, you're still better off throwing down this type of coinage on twin 24-inchers if screen real estate is your number one priority.

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