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Series3 8.1 upgrade at CES

Ben Drawbaugh

The Series3 has been around for about 3 months now and among other missing features the Series3 didn't ship with some basic features available on other TiVos including "Recently Deleted" and KidZone. The exact reason isn't known, but considering other more important features that are missing; it is reasonable to believe that somewhere along the way the code base split and TiVo has some work to do, to catch up on the Series3. Almost immediately after the Series3 released there was talk of a .1 update and at TiVo's CES booth they were demoing the Series3 with the latest software. We can't wait for this to be released into the wild and many other features to be enabled on the Series3, especially the new features that are only available on the Comcast version.

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The highly desired "Recently Deleted", not only does it no longer request deletion confirmation, but it keeps your shows there till you need room, so you always know how much space you have left for new recordings.

Guru Guides; helps you find new shows based on experts recommendations based on your interests.

TiVoCast: Brings Internet content to your TiVo.

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