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JVC Victor's Alneo flash players get gapless playback and USB streaming


JVC Victor is giving a slight nudge in functionality and an overdue name-change to their XA-C series of flash audio players this morning. The XA-C51, XA-C110 and XA-C210 models known collectively as the Alneo series, bring 2GB, 1GB, and 512MB of memory respectively in your choice of black, silver, and white. As things go with JVC DAPs, these portable players support "high sound quality" playback of your MP3/WMA/WMA-DRM10/WAV/AAC files through the use of their K2 audio technology. Now, they also feature gapless playback and ability to stream music over USB when connected to their UX-DM8 micro component system. Presumably, that little trick avoids any degradation in sound quality when hooked up to the ol' headphone jack. Otherwise, we're still looking at the same 1.3-inch OLED display, line-in recording including the ability to record in WMA stereo via an external mic, an FM tuner, and about 20 hours of music playback. Oh, and they sweetened up the design by acing the F1 and F2 keys in favor of spelling out the word "Functions." Fantastic. Why not just arbitrarily slap on icons of a goat, chicken... or both? Dropping like it's hot (in Japan) next month for ¥30,000 ($248) for the 2GB model on down to a ridiculous ¥20,000 ($166) for a skimpy 512MBs.

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