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Polaroid dumps 5 more GPS navigators onto the US


The once enviable Polaroid brand is now so diluted that you'll find it on everything from DVRs, LCDs, PMPs, and pathetic digital cameras. GPS navigators? Yeah, that too. In fact, they announced five more during CES, all headed to a Target store near you. The MGA-04314 is top dog of the new pack sporting a 4.3-inch touch screen, built-in memory with pre-loaded maps, integrated speakers, thumbwheel navigation, and rechargeable battery. The MGA-04014 drops the kit to a 4-inch screen, the MGA-03514 goes 3.5-inches, and the MGA-03505 and MGA-03512 both nix the thumbwheel but keep the 3.5-inch screen. No prices, dates, or any real detail for that matter. But given the 'Roid's poor track record in choosing quality OEMs, you might want to wait for a review before dropping wad on these, mkay?

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