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Colorful new iPod shuffles live and in person


The expedient iPod fanboys over at iProng already got some hands-on time with the new iPod shuffle colors. Nothing much to see, of course, other than the shuffles being photographed by mere mortals. After browsing through the pics, we have a few notes: A.) There are five different colors. B.) All five shuffles, while being different colors, are all shaped the same. C.) We aren't really being all that clever with this whole list thing. As reported before, the headphones are indeed the fancy new curvy kind. Interestingly, iProng mentions that Apple's low-key announcement of colorful shuffles "might have been a bit too low-key," since "no one knows they exist yet" according to an Apple Store employee. In fact, the five shuffles iProng purchased were more than had been purchased the whole day long, even with nice stacks of shuffles prominently displayed behind the counter. Oh well, Apple, can't win 'em all.

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