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Miniature telephoto lenses coming to cameraphones

Brian White

We all wish those super-small, Zoolander-ish camera lenses in all those wireless handsets these days had advanced capabilities like a true optical zoom and other optical sensor features normally found in standalone digicams. There are a precious few (and huge) phones with built-in optical zoom digicams, but how about having something Ultra-esque with these nice optic features? And, of course, better imagers and end-user image quality? Think new-miniature-lens-system and you'll be close, as California engineers may have just that to get out mobile image butts in gear soon. How did they do it? Would you believe an origami-like folding of the telephoto lends with an intricate mirror system akin to some 2006-era Sony standalone slim digicams? Slim cellphone users with the need to utmost image quality and optical zoom need this, like, yesterday.

[Thanks, Patrick A.]

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