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More Archos 704 specs spilled


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This one is just looking hotter every minute. According to a product page at Beach Audio which has seemingly jumped the gun -- though by how much is unclear, still no release date -- the 704 Mobile DVR from Archos has a 7-inch 800 x 480 touchscreen, sufficient for playing DVDs at full resolution. There's also an 80GB HDD, and the ability to stream video straight from your PC over WiFi. The wording is a bit unclear, but it sounds like the DVR functionality comes from a USB add-on accessory or dock. Beach Audio is quoting a rather odd $527.99 price for the unit, and we're still unclear on a few things, but what we are pretty sure of is that the 704 is going to be a major contender for your internet tablet / portable video dollar.

[Via Generation MP3 and ArchosLounge]

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