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Engadget's 3rd Birthday Giveaway - first contest ends tonight!

Ryan Block, @ryan

Just a reminder to everyone out there that tonight marks the end of our first contest for third birthday (which we officially celebrated yesterday!). List of prizes? Sure:

  • Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTX + Copy of Lego Star Wars II + Xbox 360 for Windows Controller
  • SanDisk Sansa e280R
  • Netgear WGR101 Wireless Travel Router
  • Samsung A920 (Sprint)
  • v-moda bass-freq headphones
Now, go here and enter before 11:59pm EST tonight (and don't forget to read the rules)! Also, in case you didn't see, we have two other contests: you've got a shot at winning a Wii and an OQO Model 02 -- definitely not anything to thumb your nose at. Check those out here:

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