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CeBIT '07 so far

Chris Ziegler

Between futile attempts to stay hydrated, applications of medicinal salves to our abused feet (this place is frickin' huge), and sumptuous meals featuring the finest schnitzel in the land, we'd like to think we've made the most of our CeBIT experience here in Hannover. And, oh yeah, we've managed to play with some gorgeous toys, too. We ain't quite done yet, but we wanted to break for a few minutes here long enough to round up what we've managed to snap so far. Enjoy!

Read - Hands-on with GlobalTop HD100 GPS heads-up display
Read - Hands-on with Samsung's slick, sliding glory, the F700
Read - Hands-on with ASUS' GPS-enabled P526
Read - Hands-on with Amex's "Touch Sense" Keyboard and Skype dual-phone
Read - G-Tec's thought control hat
Read - Aries rising: ASUS M530w at CeBIT
Read - ASUS' PG221 gaming monitor rocks the dorm
Read - Hands-on with ASUS' Lamborghini VX2
Read - ASUS' T83 UMPC does the QWERTY swivel
Read - Luigi Colani at CeBIT -- oh, and his AnyFix charger too
Read - Hands-on with Samsung's CeBIT "treasure case"
Read - The Commodore ecosystem spreads to GPS and widescreen video
Read - Samsung's UbiSync monitor rig: all USB, all the time
Read - Hands-on with Sony Ericsson's stylin' W660i
Read - Hands-on with Digital Cube's "world's smallest" UMPC: the G43
Read - Hands-on with Commodore's gaming rigs
Read - TomTom Duo Eclipsed at CeBIT
Read - E-Ten's Glofiish X800: everything but the QWERTY
Read - Hands-on with O2's Xda terra
Read - Samsung Q1 Ultra UMPC, how nice to meet you
Read - Optimus Maximus: the god of keyboards unveiled

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