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    SandioTech 3DGame O' laser gaming mouse reviewed

    Darren Murph

    It might be difficult to hold back your astonishment, but it looks like yet another input peripheral maker is offering up a "gaming mouse" to hopefully hook buyers who'll try (and buy) anything to gain an edge. Incredibly, SandioTech's iteration somehow manages to differentiate itself from the hordes of alternatives already out, but this somewhat positive attribute was also its biggest pitfall according to DragonSteelMods. Reviewers tested the 2,000dpi laser mouse out in a variety of circumstances, and immediately noted how unique the "six degrees of freedom movement" system was, but also felt that it catered more towards RTS gamers and macro-lovers than your average FPS guru. Swamped with programmable joysticks and buttons, the relatively large mouse was deemed versatile and full of potential, but the high learning curve and somewhat specialized layout could be a turnoff for the casual fan. Still, the mouse garnered a four out of five rating overall, but unless you spend the majority of your life tackling pixelated monsters in an MMO, we'd suggest looking elsewhere.

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