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Which high-def Matrix collection should you buy?

Matt Burns

May 22 is right around the corner folks and frankly, we don't feel everyone is ready. That day you are going to have to decide which high-def Matrix film collection you are going to buy. Are you going to go for the 'The Ultimate Matrix Collection' which includes all the films, the IME HD DVD features, tons of extras, and the Animatrix short? Perhaps you don't want all that extra stuff like the Animatrix short and those extra features so you should be considering the 'The Complete Matrix Trilogy' which trims down the from from $119 to a more modest $99. But what if you only want to buy, lets say, the first film from the trilogy - what then? Well, it looks like you might have to find the discs from some third party sources where they are going to split up the collections as it seems Warner doesn't have any plans to release the films individually. The final option is to wait 6 months for the Blu-ray version to be release but why? You could look at this as an opportunity to jump of that Blu-ray bandwagon and onto the HD DVD's so you can watch the Matrix before any of your former Blu-ray buddies.

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