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Sony announces VAIO C and FE 'Graphic Splash Editions'

Evan Blass

Spring is in the air, which means that birds are chirping, flowers are poking their heads out of the ground, gamers are fleeing the sunlight for the cool darkness of their basements, and of course Sony is rolling out a limited number of VAIO notebooks with cheery seasonal paint jobs. Last time we saw the so-called 'Graphic Splash Editions,' it was the C and AR series getting all decked out for the holidays, but this time around the AR's are getting the boot in favor of of the 15.4-inch FE890 (pictured above), available immediately in either Charcoal Blossom, Black and White Dot, Weathered Blue, or Brown and Turquoise Dot -- despite what the product shot seems to indicate. With the 13.3-inch C series (pictured after the break), dropping April 17th, Weathered Blue and Charcoal Blossom are swapped out for Weathered Red and Pink Blossom, respectively, but both dot patterns remain. As you've come to expect from Sony's lappies, most of the specs are pretty high end (save for the graphics), with Core 2 Duo CPUs, at least a gig of RAM, and 100GB+ drives making an appearance in every configuration, along with Vista, dual-layer DVD burners, and three flavor WiFi. The C's will start out at around $1,250, while you can pick yourself up an SE for as little as a grand; hurry up if you're interested, though, because there are only 1,350 of these getting manufactured and painting your own is kind of a hassle.

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