Sony launches VAIO C, AR colorful limited edition models for holidays

Well, it's almost Thanksgiving, and if the autumn foliage isn't colorful enough, at least you can pick up a Sony laptop in nice, warm hues. The Japanese giant has just released seven new VAIO "Graphic Splash Edition" lappies, five C and two AR models -- however, this is a limited edition, as only 2,650 will be made (500 AR's, and the rest C's). The seven color options include the pictured "Pink Swirl," "Red/Green Storm," "Blue Streaks," "Angel," (C series) plus "Orbit" and "Green Streaks" (AR series). But these laptops aren't going to win you over solely on their good looks -- they've got plenty under that cool exterior. Just as a refresher, the previously released C Series ($1,150, including the premium for the extra color scheme) is loaded up with a 13.3-inch screen, Core 2 Duo chip, DVD-RW, WiFi (a/b/g), whereas its bigger sister comes in as a 17-incher, with 400GB worth of storage, 2GB of RAM, and with the new colors, costs $2,100. Still, we're torn between spending that extra $150 on a shiny new VAIO, or footing the bill for Thursday's big dinner.

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