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Venzero mini DAP rips the name, does its own thing

Darren Murph

Venzero apparently appreciates the slimmer, more useful things in life, as it's following up the miniONE with an even more diminutive digital audio player, simply dubbed mini. Evidently the firm didn't spend much time on crafting a more unique moniker, but the feature set on this 1.53- x 2.09- x 0.51-inch device is fairly respectable. Besides packing 1GB or 2GB of internal storage capacity, handling MP3, AVI, JPEG and WMA files, and offering up seven preset equalizer modes as well as the ability to tweak your own, this little ditty also packs a 1.8-inch display, an FM tuner, built-in Tetris (now that's a perk), and a voice recorder. Notably, the mini also includes the MusicMarker application, which allows you to record a snippet of a mysterious song on the fly in order to let the software recognize the tune later on when synced up to a PC or Mac. Unfortunately, there's no word on pricing or availability just yet, and yes, that hastily created image is all you've got to imagine it with.

[Via TheGadgetSite]

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