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Sharp's slashing prices on 1080p Aquos LCDs


Since the only thing we like more than HDTVs are cheap HDTVs, this latest news about Sharp's Aquos line can't help but make us smile. According to TWICE, MAP (minimum advertised pricing) on certain models the company's older D62 line has been removed entirely, and dropped prices on others, including its more recent D92U, D82U and D72U series LCDs. The 1080p, 46-inch LC-46D62U that launched to such fanfare last October with an MSRP of $3,499 is now available for as low as $1,824 on Amazon. Meanwhile, the newer D92U series with 120Hz at the same size will still cost you $2,549. If horror stories of uneven banding haven't scared you off yet, this is a great time to go 1080p while manufacturers and retailers make room for upcoming models.

[Update: corrected Model #, thanks Dominic!]

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