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Ion Audio intros two new USB turntables


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If you're like us (and we suspect you are), you have huge stacks of obscure, 1970's prog-rock on vinyl that you're unable to enjoy while jogging, biking, or road-tripping to Bonnaroo -- and that's harshing your mellow. Well, harsh no more, friends, because Ion Audio is here to help. The hardware manufacturer has just released two new variations on its iTTUSB USB turntable, the iTTUSB05 (pictured, $149.99) and the iTTUSB10 ($249.99). Both models feature 33 1/3 and 45 RPM playback, Line-level RCA outputs (utilizing a built-in preamp), EZ Vinyl recording software, and plug & play USB connectivity. The iTTUSB10 can also convert 78 RPM records via software trickery, and can digitize other media through its 1/8-inch stereo input (finally, you can convert all those cassette mixtapes from your exes). Of course, there are more expensive or more confusing options for this sort of thing, and pricey add-ons you might want -- but for a cheap, fast solution, this is definitely worth a glance.

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