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Sony's DVDirect VRD-MC5 handles HD video transfers

Darren Murph

Not down with countless late nights behind the editing station just to extract a few unwanted relatives clips from a family reunion? Sony most certainly feels your pain, and the DVDirect VRD-MC5 looks to be just the thing for transferring home videos to DVD without even involving a PC. The multi-function DVD recorder promises to make HD or SD video transfers a breeze, and can even handle AVCHD-quality clips. The device transfers data (including photos) directly from a Sony HDD or Memory Stick-based camcorder onto a DVD "in their native 1080i resolution," and sees no problem with SD footage taken in via FireWire, S-Video, composite, or USB. So go on, give pops a break from the grind of color correction and volume adjustments by picking up Sony's VRD-MC5 for $230 next month.

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