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Sirius debuts the Stiletto 2


For all you satellite fans unsatisfied with your current portable solution (and we know you're out there), Sirius has finally come through with a tiny glimmer of hope, as it announced the oft-rumored Stiletto 2 today. The new player rocks a whole slew of interesting features, including a "LOVE" button which allows you to store a song you're listening to on the fly, recording options that let you to capture up to 100 hours of pre-scheduled programs, enhanced WiFi implementation, and the ability to access Sirius's premium audio offerings. The 4.3-ounce player can play back MP3 and WMA files, sports a microSD slot, 2.2-inch color display, and up to 20 hours (non live) of music playback. The player will be available this Fall for $349.99 -- plus your monthly radio costs. Check the gallery for more sweet angles.

Gallery: Sirius debuts the Stiletto 2 | 4 Photos

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