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Sonic.Net aiming to provide another WiFi option for San Franciscans

Darren Murph

For those paying attention, you'd know that betting the farm on San Francisco's muni WiFi project ever coming together wouldn't exactly be the best move, but it appears that Sonic.Net is stepping in to provide an alternative. The California-based ISP has reportedly conjured up an initiative to bring an ad-supported MuniFi model to San Franciscans, and would utilize hardware from Meraki. Apparently, Sonic.Net customers can snag a Meraki wireless mesh router "at a subsidized cost," which would enable them to share "up to 500kbps" of their DSL line. Users of the service will spot a Google ad bar atop their browser, and there's even mention of ad revenues being shared with customers in order to reduce their monthly bill in the future. Notably, the platform could even expand to "other areas" outside of SF if it proves successful.

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