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Samsung adds three phones to Guinness Book of World records


Samsung can add a few notches in its belt with news that a couple of Ultra line of handsets -- and an older model -- made the Guinness Book of World Records for 2008. Award for thinnest handset in a leading role goes to the 0.2 inch thin -- as a size comparison, the MotoRAZR MAXX is only 0.2 inches thinner than the V3x -- Ultra Edition 5.9. Setting a record for thinnest 3G phone is the Ultra Edition 8.4, with the record breaking 10 megapixel SCH-B600 taking top honors for, you guessed it, most megapixels. Not a bad outing by the Korean monster, now we'll all have to wait to see who can beat the venerable "Phone that totally blew Engadget Mobile's mind" record which is currently held by... err, nobody.

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