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Virgin Mobile Canada gets unlimited data for $10, two new phones

Chris Ziegler

Look familiar? Yep, Virgin Mobile's Canadian outpost is getting two phones that should ring a bell for Sprint peeps in these parts: the Samsung m300 and m510 flips. The m300 doesn't look half bad, but its spec sheet's pretty forgettable: 1xRTT data, VGA cam, you get the idea; pick 'er up for $99 CAD. The $199 m510, though, is where things start to get interesting. Simultaneously with the phone's launch, Virgin is firing up its "Tidal Wave" unlimited data plan (sounds vaguely Helio-esque, does it not?) for just $10 a month -- way cheaper than any competing plan up there -- the only catch is that the m510 is the one and only device that they'll let you hook up to it. We're sure the connection's pretty restrictive (laptop tethering hopefuls, sorry, you're still stuck with far more expensive plans) but Virgin says you have "unlimited megabytes for surfing the mobile web." Lucky thing the m510's down with EV-DO, that's for darned sure.

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