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SnapStream Enterprise TV Server: ten tuners, 8TB of storage

Darren Murph

And you thought WeaKnees' 2TB TiVo was hot stuff, now didn't you? Be that as it may, there's no denying that this beast puts the aforementioned DVR to shame, as the SnapStream Enterprise TV Server is available with up to ten built-in tuners and 8TB of fault tolerant storage space. In case you couldn't surmise, these units were created for enterprise use, but that's not to say it wouldn't fit right into your abode. In addition to being mighty impressive from a hardware standpoint, the software aspect is pretty svelte, too. The search feature enables users to snoop around within program meta data, and moreover, it enables owners to easily burn content to DVD, extract clips from full recordings and convert files into a variety of formats. Sure, even the "low-end" version rings up at $6,000, but if your New Year's resolution is to remain firmly planted on a sofa until 2009 (or beyond), this would probably be a sound investment.

[Via TVSnob]

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