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Venturer's UK-bound SHD7001 to come with seven free flicks

Darren Murph

Just about every other high-definition disc player out there is attached to some "free movie" promotion, so it's not all that shocking to hear that Venturer's UK-bound SHD7001 won't be any different. Aside from hearing that the still unpriced player will indeed be available initially in the UK through QVC on December 29th, those with this atop their must-have list can also look forward to quite a few extras. Reportedly, the package will include HD DVD titles Hulk and Troy, a free HDMI cable and a voucher that allows buyers to receive five additional movies gratis courtesy of the European HD DVD Promotional Group. It's noted that customers will have until January 31, 2008 to select their flicks from a predetermined list, but we suppose we'll have to wait until a price tag gets attached to this thing before figuring out if it's worth picking up.

[Via Pocket-Lint, thanks HD4ME]

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