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Shocker: consumers are buying larger screen HDTVs

Darren Murph

We've heard some pretty outlandish claims about the recommended screen size for the "average" American den, but a new writeup over at Channel4 is suggesting that even Europeans are gravitating towards larger sets. Reportedly, Sharp is estimating that "the average size of TVs bought across Europe will increase to 60-inches by 2015," and moreover, retailer Comet has stated that the "average size of its TV screens has increased to 30-inches from 25-inches two years ago." Of course, it's not like this is all that surprising -- after all, the general rule of thumb (for better or worse) in TV buying is that bigger is always better. Couple that with the tanking prices across the HDTV board and you've got a recipe for big-screen upgrade fever. Notably, Comet also proclaimed that it had seen a 7,000-percent (yes, that's correct) uptick in sales of 50-inch sets over the past two years, and needless to say, that category has become the outfit's fastest growing. Hey, who needs 32-inches when that 80-incher is within budget?

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