Sharp predicts LCD prices will fall 25% this year, plans new 10G production facility

LCD prices have dropped sharply over the last few years, and Sharp sees no reason that trend won't continue. The company sees LCD as a the clear winner over plasma in Japan, with with a U.S. victory in sight as 1080p HDTVs gain market share. Along with a prediction of LCDs in the 40-inch+ range for less than $2,000 by the end of this year, inventory clearing fire sales and already value priced brands notwithstanding. Of course, as prices drop, bigger and better HDTVs are coming right behind, to that end Sharp also announced plans for the worlds first tenth-generation LCD plant. By producing glass substrates 60% bigger than its current8G plant, expect 60-inch class LCDs to be as common as 40-inchers when the plant opens in 2010.

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