Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 finally available for $99

Darren Murph
D. Murph|05.01.08

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Hercules Mobile DJ MP3 finally available for $99

If you've done anything other than mash F5 (or similar) at Hercules' website the past few seasons, you've likely forgotten all about that sub-$100 Mobile DJ MP3 that surfaced over a year ago. For whatever reason, the thing is just now shipping, but we suppose obnoxiously late is better than never, right? Dubbed the world's "first wireless digital mixing mini-controller," it's available as we speak in black or white hues for $99.99. Release is posted in full after the jump.

HERCULES Mobile DJ MP3 Now Available

Be Your Own DJ with New Wireless Mobile DJ MP3 Controller

New York, NY - (April 30, 2008) - Hercules, the computer DJ entertainment specialist, brings the fun of DJ mixing to music fans everywhere with the first wireless digital mixing mini-controller, the Mobile DJ MP3. An intuitive, user-friendly DJ mixing controller for PC, the Mobile DJ MP3 allows users to, personalize music and host parties like a DJ. The portable Mobile DJ MP3 is available for the retail price of $99.99 in black as well as white online at www.djdeals.com, J&R Computer World, Musician's Friend, American Musical Supply, and more. (www.hercules.com)

Until now, DJ mixing novices have found only semi-professional or professional DJ hardware or complex mixing software requiring practice and agility to progress beyond the basics. The Mobile DJ MP3, the most mobile, dual deck, DJ mixer available, is an affordable, general consumer solution for anyone 12 years and up looking to mix his or her favorite digital tunes and be the hit of their house party. Indeed, with this wireless, handheld mixer the host of the party can control the music while still mingling and dancing with friends.

"In light of the explosion in the popularity of MP3s, we have created a novice MP3 mini-controller that puts DJing within reach for all music and entertainment enthusiasts of all ages" explains François Garet, Development Director for the Hercules Music product line. "Our new portable controller makes mixing easy by giving everyone the tools to have fun putting their own touch on their digital music".

The mixer is powered by two C* batteries and has a dual LCD display that allows the DJ to pick tracks and mix them, away from the computer. If the DJ hesitates, the Automix feature will automatically select the next song, ensuring a smooth set. The Mobile DJ MP3 includes two decks for mixing, scratching and synchronizing the MP3 or WAV files stored on the PC. Additionally, the mini-controller includes two jog wheels emulating two vinyl/cd decks for scrolling through tracks quickly and scratching, a cross fader slider that allows quick transition from deck to the other deck and two volume sliders, four sound and effect buttons per deck, pitch sliders and 25 control buttons. Sound effects, song loops and changes in tempo let you modify songs according to your taste, and put your own individual musical mark on the mixes you share with your audience.

The Mobile DJ MP3 is easy to install. Simply plug in the USB radio receiver key for wireless connectivity and insert the software CD. The wireless and handheld Mobile DJ MP3 simply requires a computer equipped with a sound card, amplified speakers and your favorite music (CD-Audio or MP3, WAV or WMA files). DJing software is included.

Learn more about the Mobile DJ MP3 at www.hercules.com.
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