ASUS looks to clear out Eee PC 900s with $100 rebate

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Donald Melanson
July 8, 2008 2:51 PM
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ASUS looks to clear out Eee PC 900s with $100 rebate
ASUS's newest, Atom-based 900 series Eee PCs may be fast approaching availability, but it looks like the company is still doing its best to get as many plain old Celeron-based Eee PC 900s out the door as possible, with it now offering up a $100 rebate on the already low-priced laptop. That brings the price down to $449, which is certainly a decent enough bargain compared to the $599 the updated Eee PC 901 will supposedly be going for -- Amazon price mix-ups notwithstanding. From the looks of it, both Amazon and ZaReason are offering in the rebate (good 'til July 31th) at the moment, but we'd expect the offer to start showing up at other retailers before too long as well.
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