$2,000 Giant Twist Freedom DX electric bicycle gets pedaled on video

For those balking at the $2,000 price tag, you should really take a look at the competition before scrunching your nose up and walking away. That being said, two large is still a lot to drop on something that could still require at least some bodily exertion, but a recent video review over at Popular Mechanics could help you determine whether this particular bike is worth you while. The Giant Twist Freedom DX can roll up to 75 miles on a mixture of battery and human-powered pedaling, and the motor touts three different modes (Eco, Normal and Sport) to satisfy your mood / riding requirements. Nah, Ironman participants won't want anything to do with this heap, but those looking for a greener (and oftentimes quicker) way to commute in the city may find lots to love. The video, as promised, is waiting in the read link.

[Via Digg]